Friday, 11 December 2009

nourishing wife

This morning has been really hard for my husband,something happened where he was treated very unfairly,I can see he is really upset and feel so bad for I have a moto for today to get us through:

Al-Hasan al-Basri said: “Do not resent the calamities that come and the disasters that occur, for perhaps in something that you dislike will be your salvation, and perhaps in something that you prefer will be your doom.”

going to be a nourishing wife today and offer him lots of we march on and forward

Been having a bit of trouble with my baby sleeping at night.My friend V gave me a great tip....which I am trying to put in place today.Baby usually sleeps around 10:30 in morning and then around 4 in I am trying to keep baby awake ,then let him sleep around 12 until 2...and then bed around 8pm.....not as easy as it sounds!

We are eating & reading books and he is pulling books off my entertaining for him yet annoying for me!!

totally off subject now and onto the humble courgette!! or zucchini you might say!
I eat way too much bread ,it's my vice and its's dragging me down.I'm trying to find foods to accompany my lunch or supper..that are filling and alkaline.
The courgette is a forgotton food but oh so good for you.

So affordable,easy to grow if you have the luxury of a little veg patch, very alkaline, filling but easy on the digestion.There are so many great recipes on the web but if want a quickie ...I just saute sliced courgette in a little butter for 5 mins......and serve drizzled with good quality olive oil,salt and a black pepper..

Baby's gone to sleepy land so I,m off to make my nourishing courgette.....

Thought for the day:

The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine’s. - Hippocrates

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  1. ohhh mashallah I just want to cuddle him his little mustard trousers...trying to find an interesting book to read...hope the sleeping routine works...amina usually sleeps from 12 to 3 but she wakes up late in the morning so one sleep is enough for her...hope you will get some nourishing sleep tonite...