Wednesday, 2 December 2009

kiddies, tea & tone

Its cold and rainy out there today........ginger tea came to warm me from the inside....

I simmered the sliced ginger in water {covered} for 10 mins then sipped till I felt that familiar warming energy boost.Ginger is a great winter tea and so good for you!! Great for tired digestions and those who have a bit of flatulance. The libido gets a good kick, which is always a bonus.....and it helps improve circulation and blood flow. In the winter we all need a immune booster and ginger is a good way of preventing the cold and flu virus from attacking.
So my nourishing tip for today is to have a cup of ginger , I am going to include 1 cup a day into my routine.

found this great tip on the web:

To get the best health benefits of ginger tea, wrap fresh ginger root tightly in a towel, place it in a sealed plastic bag, and keep it in the refrigerator (for 3 weeks) or in the freezer (for 3 months).

Today I am looking after my sisters including my little babes.....I have 3 under 4's to run after.......whooo hoooo

I'm off now to do my toning dvd.....with six beady eyes staring at me......''why you doing that aunty?''......he he they are too sweet!!

I am loving doing my exercise, I wonder why I left it so long to start again, I really am getting a great buzz......I hope this becomes a lifetime commitment. Even my kids are joining in with me ,if they are home from school and I am doing my dvd.......great addition to my life!! Sometimes I regret not doing more in the past..or doing things differently....but then I read this.......
Former days are gone and done with, and you benefit nothing by carrying out an autopsy over them, by turning back the wheels of history.
The person who lives in the past is like someone who tries to saw sawdust. Of old, they used to say: "Do not remove the dead from their graves."
Our tragedy is that we are incapable of dealing with the present: neglecting our beautiful castles, we wail over dilapidated buildings. If every man and every jinn were to try jointly to bring back the past, they would most certainly fail. Everything on earth marches forward, preparing for a new season and so should you.

Taken from:Don't be Sad

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  1. ahhh thanks for that....I have some ginger in the fridge so gonna take your advise and have a cuppa...and the rest for the saurkraut....;)