Wednesday, 23 December 2009

God's pharmacy

Part of the reason for starting this blog was to help me with eating food better suited to my body, to nourish myself and stop feeling uncomfortable and unwell but to realize my full potential.I have my good days and then my bad...I am aiming for balance.....the way God intended.....

  • “What killed mankind is the introduction of food on top of food before it could be digested.” Al-Harith Bin Kalada
  • Spiritual benefits of eating less: Humbleness of the heart, strengthening of understanding, decrease in lowly desires and anger. Overeating induces the opposite. Al-Hasan Al-Basri said:
  • “O, son of Adam, eat with one third of your stomach and drink with one third and leave one third of your stomach to breathe so that you may think.”
  • “No human ever filled a vessel worse than the stomach.''
  • Muhammad Bin Wasi said: “Whoever eats little will feel cleared and humble. Overeating weighs a person down and stops him from much of what he wants (to accomplish).”

Introduction of food on top of food is one my problems and eating certain foods that just don't agree with me!{wheat} Why is addiction so hard?
I want to eat beneficial,nourishing,simple food just enough to satisfy me.

When I manage to avoid wheat I like to eat sprouted spelt bread.It is moist and sweet and easy on the digestion.I like to eat it lightly toasted with scrambled eggs and a drizzle of good quality olive oil on top. Eggs and olive oil are amazing foods and incredibly good for you.When you consume high quality nourishing simple foods you feel satisfied with less, I tend to eat more when I don,t eat well! Going back to basics.....thats where I want to go,I am tired of being tired all the time, there is so much to do.......

I,ll leave you with this......

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