Tuesday, 15 December 2009

lantern passion GIVEAWAY.....

This is my beautiful new lantern all lit up at night.I just LOVE it.
so........to celebrate my new blog....I want to share my lantern passion!
Leave a comment below ,about anything nourishing and I,ll draw a name from a hat on Sunday!


  1. oh wow....its beautiful...am I counted ??? cant beleive your doing a giveaway...ahh your such an awesome blogger...i knew it...well my nourishing tip is to read your blog because since i started Ive done all the little tips youve said and got a list on my fridge with reminder to have a ginger tea or soaked almonds or do a hair treatment or ect ect ect...no matter how busy you are at least do one nourishing thing a day for yourself...thats the minimum....;)

  2. I LOVE your blog! Only recently started checking in and it's lovely! The tips are great. I'm getting my weights out today!!! It's so warm and inspiring here, I look forward to many more posts!

    Vala, that's a great idea: to do atleast one a day!

  3. salam sister,
    I just found out about your blog because of your nice coments on mine... and I really like it here! mashaallah. and what a lovely giveaway.. is it a moroccan lantern?
    I'll step by soon, looking forward to more of your inspiring posts. xxx

  4. me too, i'm new here..but i've got the feeling your blog is going to be very soul nourishing...