Monday, 27 September 2010

Where oh where....

Where oh where have I been? This little blog of mine was well and truly deserted.But it was with good reason. I feel ready to return to the blog world ,and hope I will have your company.
I was blessed with a surprise pregnancy and stopped blogging due to very bad morning sickness,I just felt all consumed by it and it stayed with me until my second trimester started. I planned and Allah planned and He is the best of planners .I lost the baby at  13.2 weeks so with recovery and  Ramadan around the corner ,time slipped by.....
Alhamdulilah Allah rewards hardship , which calms the heart and soul ..........nothing in this life is lost.
So life resumes ...I have alot to share and I haven't forgotten about the giveaway! I vote myself the worst blog giveaway lady!
A quick warning before I announce the winner  {ahem} you lucky thing!
As you know I was trying out the no poo thing. I was so excited to discover the rhassoul clay and even more excited when my husband brought me some from North Africa.
Anyway my husband decided to help me wash my hair with it saying -your going to look so lovely ,just wait and see. So I let him cake my hair with loads of clay,he rinses ....I go to blow dry for the big reveal.
Ummmm. I. did. not. look.lovely.   Oh no hair could stand up on its own .A big ,thick ,sticky mass.
Please don't do that at home folks! So what I've learnt from my mother in law recently is that you should use a little,comb through then rinse very very very thoroughly.I have  yet to try it again using this method.Although my husband has been using it since we got it with great results.I suppose that's because his hair is short. I so want it to work for me....I will give it another go errrrr soon.
So to the lucky winner{wink} have fun trying it out {if your brave enough} and let us know how you get on.