Sunday, 13 December 2009

mummy tea party

Today I had a mummy tea party.A chance to talk ,relax...enjoy each others company.We are always so busy making sure our chores and families are looked after, it's good to change the routine once in a while especially with good friends.
Lit lots of candles and lanterns,had tea and treats........just relaxed!
Friends are truly a blessing,especially if they want for you what they want for themselves.Friends can have a big impact on your's wise to choose them carefully.

"The example of a good companion and a bad companion is like that of the seller of musk, and the one who blows the blacksmith's bellows. So as for the seller of musk then either he will grant you some, or you buy some from him, or at least you enjoy a pleasant smell from him. As for the one who blows the blacksmith's bellows then either he will burn your clothes or you will get an offensive smell from him."

It was also a chance for me to dress up,wear a little makeup, nice perfume,my favourite jewelry......on the other hand my one friend felt relaxed enough to come in her pyjamas.......we are a funny bunch!!!

This week I would like to get back on track with my exercise,it was impossible for me to exercise since Monday....and I really missed it .{I am pleased to say!!}

So tomorrow morning I will start the day with a warming cup of ginger get the day off to a kicking start....and a nourishing week ahead.

Thought or two for the day:

"Do not dismiss certain acts of kindness by deeming them to be insignificant, even if (such an act) is to meet your brother with a smiling face (for that is a deed which might weigh heavily in your scale of deeds)."Prophet Muhammed (Blessings and Peace be upon him)

A pleasant face, kind words, and good manners are the most powerful ways to ingratiate you into the hearts of people. And yet even more powerful is gentleness. That is why the Prophet said:

"Anything that has gentleness in it is beautified by it, and anything that is bereft of it is stained."

Take from: Don't be sad


  1. ahhh miss you....can you throw me a mummy tea party next time we are in the same country....looks lovely

  2. I think there are many mummy tea parties ahead for us!!......can't wait!

  3. JazakilAllah khayran 4 the info about my pyjamas.
    Janet Smith.....