Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pukka tea giveaway

Hi everyone! Having a little giveaway,of two of my favourite Pukka teas-
  • Three Mint: to soothe and refresh the digestion
  • Refresh: to uplift and balance
just leave a comment.....

giveaway open till Sunday 7th Feb......feel free to post on your blog,you'll get extra entries.Leave a link to your blog.
open to international readers


  1. I love tea!!!

    Okey doke, going to post this on my blog.

    Done. :) Here it is:

  2. halfway through my refresh one and would love to try the three mint one....count me in....wohooo

  3. never tried pukka but i'm sure they are lovely, i've got the feeling i'm going to win this prize too.... lol

  4. I once tried pucca and loved it. but I cannot get it here in Morocco... so would love to win ;) masalama dear sister!