Friday, 26 February 2010

Thinking back.....

A month has come and gone, a challenge completed......goals have been achieved. I gained so much from this past month,learnt alot about how I use food for emotional comfort and boredom....but pleased to say it is possible to overcome these issues and have a more balanced approach to food .I learnt to listen to my body and not eat with my eyes and overburden my body, soul and mind.
It all seemed to happen on it's own after the second week and feel I now have a good rhythm of knowing when I need to eat! I'm not bloated at all and the water retention has disappeared.Not to mention the weight loss and more energy I even though I have completed the challenge I have decided to keep going without the wheat and sugar.....why would I want to stop now when I feel so good? What do you think? What would you do if you were me? Would love to hear your thoughts!

T o celebrate the end of the challenge.....a little giveaway....

A little address book and two notebooks.....please leave a comment.....and these pretty books can be yours.....look forward to hearing from you all......
giveaway ends....friday 5th March...
open to international readers

Thought for the day....

'Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments'
Jim Rohn


  1. mashallah...wish I had some of that self control...your so inspiring...and to carry on even when the challenge is finished is so fantastic...well lucky am I to have such a cool friend....

  2. Masha'Allah... I didn't do as great as I had hoped (although I've done a no sugar diet in the past and felt wonderfully)... but I do want to keep trying to work towards this. My first week was the best, completely avoided wheat and sugar and the bloating was GONE. It was awesome... my second week was good and I felt great. I can see how at the end of the 4th week you can feel amazing... insha'Allah ad'iyah.

    Thank you for starting this challenge... it is a good sunnah to start : )

  3. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I did have little cheat moments but on the whole it was good ma sha Allah. I will aim to carry on too, or really limit the wheat and avoid the sugar in sha Allah!

  4. masha'allah..I'm glad you got something positive out of the experience...I'm really pleased for you all masha'allah...just wish I could have remembered to join

  5. Yay, you made it! Awesome. Tomorrow I attempt no added sugar for a week. (Baby steps, baby steps.) Wish me luck!

  6. mashaAllah I didn't do that great with the challenge, but you are an inspiration!

  7. mashaallah, you did it! congratulations sister! I tried to live withut sugar several years ago because of candida albicans (a intestinal mycosis) - that was so hard - I think I need sugar to survive...yet I know there are great healthy substitutes. so if I were you, I would continue and celebrate with a lot of delicious fruits, dates and tea... yummy... may Allah bless you and gift you with health and His pleasure!