Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Food & moroccan inspiration

Challenge is going well ,looking and feeling better already......
Posting a few pics of what I have been eating for breakfast and lunch..

oats & quinoa porridge with stewed figs,cinnamon,yogurt & flax!

That is supposed to be poached egg on top of the veg....mmmmm need some practice!

Delicious chicken soup and salad...

Feeling positive ,although I feel in need of soul nourishing! Something I need to concentrate on, asap!
''Do not be content to have some dark areas in your life,for the light is there,all you have to do is turn it on and see it shining''

Some more Moroccan inspiration from around the house! I love this hanging tile,the colours are beautiful especially against a white wall.....I got it free at a give or take day!

This is a corner in my bathroom,mirror is not in perfect condition,more rustic but I love it and it cost me £1 !

and this has to be one of my favourite things in the house.I got this Moroccan mirror for free,yes for free ,on freecycle!......yayee for recycling and kind souls!
and this letter holder was also free from a give or take day....I love the Moroccan pattern!

Thought for the day....

''Man may regret speaking,but he will never regret silence''


  1. Those Moroccan delights are lovely ma sha Allah! Thanks for sharing your food ideas too. :)

  2. AA,

    Wow!!! Great finds-don't you just love all those treasures that you find for free or at a bargain price.
    I have a small collection of tiles similar to the the one in the photo..from Turkey and Palestine. just love them.

  3. I love all the moroccan bits, and the food looks delish too...
    I must visit gumtree soon...