Friday, 26 February 2010

Should have mentioned....

Forgot to mentioned that I finally followed my own advice and have been oil pulling for 2 weeks now. 20 minutes as soon as I get up on a empty stomach.......
well.....I am feeling good about it,my gum that was receding on one of my teeth is growing back! I am amazed!! I never thought I was a phlegmy person but I'm coughing up the most green thick phlegm after the oil pulling....where it's coming from and where it's been hiding I have no idea! Sorry to be so graphic,but I wanted to share and maybe encourage you to try it....
This morning routine is here to stay....

and this was the scene today at home ........ cousins to look after and two, yes two packets of clemontines gobbled up....and all the bananas!

and this is how you hide unsightly marks on kiddies wall until you manage to repaint.....get them to draw lots of colourful pictures and stick em up!


  1. question? about the oil swishing... What kind of oil do you use, does it have to be a particular kind or any oil will do? what's the amount? 20 minutes with the same oil, or do you take a sip, swish, spit and so on for 20 minutes? what's u with the phlegm, it sounds intense.

  2. Your receding gums grew back? Seriously? Ever since I've gotten braces my gums have been receding like crazy. I'm going to try this.

  3. Oh yes, definitely need more info on the oil the idea to cover up the wall marks too masha'allah!

  4. mashaallah sister, my paents do this since years and are so happy with it. I tried it and felt great after, but I didn't continue and really forgot about... thank you so much for the reminder! I really believe in its healthy benefits, I think it absorbs all the ilnesses out of one's body. do you think I could also use moroccan olive oil for it?

  5. AA Nourished Mama,
    I just wanted to sign in and say that after seeing your first post on oil pulling I started.
    Took me a few days to get into the routine but have been doing it regularly for about three weeks now. I do notice a difference in oral health and for some reason seem to have more energy. Noooo... couldn't possibly be the oil pulling.....could it?:) JAK for the post.

  6. AA ......more info on oil pulling here and here
    I am using sesame oil at the moment but would like to use coconut oil as well.
    Itto I need to read up more on the olive oil as I am not sure.
    Umm ossama I also noticed a increase in energy and better sleep...I have read of other people saying the same!! Glad you are feeling the benefits too