Sunday, 7 February 2010

moroccan dreams

End of week two of the challenge!! I am feeling really good,bit tired from a teething baby that doesn't want to sleep and another round of tummy bugs for the kids!
Amazing how different I feel,has to be a sign that the wheat and sugar needed to go ! It's so hard though to change longstanding eating habits! I think I have given my digestion a battering over the years and it needs some nourishing so I am doing the right thing.Perseverance I say....
Busy week a coffee morning on Wednesday and going to a wedding party on Sunday .......for both events I will have to come up with appetising wheat and sugar free goodies to eat....I can have fun and be on a challenge!Something nice to wear has to be bought so I am rewarding myself for the second week of challenge with a nice outfit.....I love long skirts ,hippie style...the only one i could find in the shops at the moment is here....what do you think?Going to wear silver and turquoise jewelry,not sure on the top yet!
Been a bit lazy about picture taking so I thought I'd share some of the things on my I want list...hoping these will come my way via car boot sales...{yeah right} or a Moroccan holiday{double yeah right}oh well I can dream.....

that's it for now,sorry for uninspiring post.....guess we all have days like that!

Thoughts for the day...

''The successful women is supplicated for, praised by her husband ,loved by her neighbours and respected by her friends''

''A women may turn the home into a paradise or into an unbearable hell''


  1. oh love love deserve a treat...and that first quote you mentioned...well you are one of those women...

  2. let me know when you find a car boot sale with all them goodies, i'm willing to travel up to 50
    love the skirt, what colour would you choose?

  3. Ma sha Allah. Such beautiful Morrocan goodies. And I love the skirt too!

  4. Hello,

    It sounds like you are so busy, and dealing with so much. If you are having cravings, as you mentioned the sugar and wheat. I've recently, well, not so recent have discovered the benefits of green smoothies.

    Yes! When intaking good amounts of greens and fruits, small amounts of water mixed together. You can get rid of your cravings.

    I was so shocked, because even eating fruit and vegetables I've never, until recently been able to get over this craving of not wanting sweets, I even don't have a strong desire for dairy or bread either, which I also craved alot before(Go figure!).

    You will have to read on it quite a bit(Good ole Google!) and there are lots of videos on Youtube of people with testimonies and sincere advice to help others. But, I think you will be pleased with the outcomes of incorporating GREEN smoothies in your life.

    Well, this is just a suggestion that I have for maybe a bit over a week have discovered. And just wanted to share, it might work for you too.

    Regards and may you achieve your goals!

  5. thankyou for the sweet comment @home....ditto to you!
    Ines I'm going for purple...and yes I'll let you know of the good car boots I find!
    anonymous...thankyou for your tip! I will give it a you mean blending loads of green veg or green smoothies as in spirulina,blu green algae etc....?

  6. Nourished Mama,

    Thanks for your comments.

    I'm talking about mixing leafy greens, with

    fruits, and sometimes veggies too and some

    water(but not much water when first mixing, as

    to mix it well). If you add too much water in

    the beginning it will not mix well and you

    will feel more "pieces" in your mouth.

    The reason I say mixing the fruits with the

    greens, is that fruits will help in masking

    the taste of the greens. I will be frank with

    you. It does not taste great, but it doesn't

    taste bad either. I'm still learning though

    and sure I'll be able to one day get great

    tasting smoothies. But, I think they aren't

    too bad, as my kids are asking for them when I

    make them. Yay!!

    I've read that it's ideal to have a vita

    mixer, but a regular blender will do just as

    well, you'll just have to let it mix longer.

    For just myself, I will wash about 1 full

    bunch of leafy greens. Since I'm new to this

    I've been using parsley and/or spinach alot

    lately. 1 peeled banana, and an apple, cored,

    & sliced but keep the skins on. And an orange

    peeled no seeds. I've also added a piece of

    peeled and washed ginger sometimes. I might

    increase the fruits I've mentioned sometimes

    too. I also sometimes, but not everyday will

    add maybe one more bunch of leafy greens. It

    might seem like alot, but, apparently it's the

    minerals in the greens along with the other

    strong nutrients that eliminate the cravings.

    Start out by mixing the fruit first with some

    water. If it's too full for your blender just

    reduce the fruit and after it's slightly mixed

    slowly add the other ingredients, I add the

    leafy greens last, but when everything is in

    your blender and pretty mixed up, just let it

    go for anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes. This

    will make it very creamy and smooth for the

    most part. If you can't take the smoothies a

    bit thick you can add more water after mixing

    completely, it will make it easier to drink.

    Also don't forget to try and ALWAYS put a

    creamy based type of fruit with the green

    smoothy as this will give the creamy


    Here is one link I was reading while ago that

    you might find helpful.

    Also if you go to write in

    the search engine "green smoothies" and there

    are so many videos and personal

    stories/testimonies to help. You might want

    to take some extra time, like me to keep

    reading and watching videos to be more


    I hope all that was clear.

    take care.

    p.s. When wanting to sleep, do NOT put parsley in your smoothies, it's a strong stimulant. With my first one's I wasn't able to sleep for a whole day accept for maybe a couple of hours. Parsley smoothies are also a great "pick me up" for when you feel like you need a nap and can't.

    Sorry this was so long.

  7. I almost forgot as I'm worried you might not read this information.

    It's recommended not to take one type of leafy green in the smoothies over an extended period

    of time(example ingesting the same leafy greens in smoothies for a week or so), as this

    could make them slightly toxic. So just alternate different types of leafy greens in your smoothies.

    Hope that helps!

  8. I have always wanted cushions and silver lamps like that before. Very nice. I didn't know that they were Moroccoan though. LOL.

    I am visiting via Fruitful Fusion. I plan on coming back and visiting more, InshaAllah. :)

  9. salam alaikoum sister, you are warmly welcomed to visit Morocco and us!! I know the places you could find all of these in Marrakech...
    ;)) love and peace

  10. Mish Mash....thankyou for visiting ..I love moroccan decor...

    Itto....thankyou for the invitaton....I would love to visit you one day...inshallah...