Wednesday, 17 February 2010

the good and not so good

One more week of the challenge to go.......I'm feeling's the most positive thing I have done in a long time.The cravings have subsided,weight has been shifted......a new me emerging.The break through for me has been the no sugar,I don't need it anymore and it's so empowering to not have it holding me down.Went to the party on Sunday,plenty of delicious cakes and goodies on offer,I made my own great party food to share which went down a storm,{forgot to take pics} think......cocktail sticks with mixed herb chicken ,olives ,pineapple,sun dried tomatoes...mmmmmm.......mixed houmous dips with crunchy tortilla chips.
I felt so light ,the feeling of not being bloated was so liberating.
I have been a unproductive on the exercise front.I just could not get it done last week....teething babies are such hard work and I have had many sleepless nights which left me exhausted.

The job of being mummy is so sweet yet so overwhelming.More of the good news,baby is taking his first steps and tiring of my beloved wooden toys and moving onto his big brothers animal collection.

Projects I started have been left untouched...

knitting?which knitting,I can't even remember where I put it!.....I love the idea of making and just doesn't happen for me.....maybe I should just stick to reading what others have made......
here's a list of things I wish I could do
  • make fermented vegetables {sauerkraut...} oh so good for you
  • do coffee enemas {oh so scary}
  • read more {brain exercise}
  • love more {give more attention to my kiddies,they deserve it}
  • contemplate and worship more
  • make things for my home and kids

seems why can't I do it...what am I afraid of ?..arrggggggg I can... I must... I will.....

Thought for the day...

"When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.' "
~ Unknown


  1. always have that saurkraut in my it ....well done for doing so well...your an inspiration....

  2. you are my inspiration....come over and make me sauerkaraut...enough for the year..

  3. well done, on the 'taking care of yourself' front...i refuse to use the 'd' word...
    i'd love a colonic irrigation but lack the guts...take care

  4. Just found your blog today, here's a fancier saurkraut recipe that I've been meaning to try my hand at.

  5. I've had the fermented veggies going thru my head for a while now too..Have had loads of jars donated to me just need to brave up and take the
    Crafting isnt happening for me at the moment either...just finsihed a baby shawl as a gift but other than that ..with dh in the UK I'm finding it hard to be inspired....
    so glad ur challenge is going well for you....