Monday, 18 January 2010

on a mission

Here are the statistics:
weight-72 kg
height- 163 cm

ideal weight for height= between 60 & 63 kilos

So 10 kilos need to go,along with the bloating,fluid retention.....and tiredness!
How am I going to do it?......this is my plan......because I don't do pills ,calorie counting, slimming bars/shakes........I want real, nourishing food I can enjoy until my belly is satisfied!

So the sugar has to go......

and the wheat........

and exercise at least 5 times a week.......

and yes that is a baby on my step because the reality is ...that every 5 mins or so I have to drag him off the step so I can do my dvd!....yes the joys of trying to be a fit mummy!

Why the wheat,well from previous experiments,cutting out wheat does amazing things for my body,the weight melts off, the water retention disappears, my mind clears, energy soars and bloated tummy is no more.My conclusion is my body can't handle wheat, I have researched and to confirm I'm going to do a one month elimination.

So from Monday the 27th January....
  • sugar is out
  • wheat is out
  • exercise is in

all for 1, I like food , I will be eating normal meals ,normal portions,snacks....just without the above...
would love it if anyone wanted to join me on my challenge but I understand it's quite hard , I'm on a mission though.....hope you will enjoy my journey!

Thoughts for the day:

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.
B.K.S Iyengar

"Do not cast yourselves into destruction by your own hands." (2:195)

I am the only one that can help mind ,body and soul......


  1. I'm in!!! Yes, I said that! I'm joining you in sha Allah! It's going to be tough (for me) mainly giving up wheat! But I'm willing to do it knowing that you are too and I have someone to share this with! In sha Allah! Yes, let's do it!

  2. lol...cant we just go with the first seriously ...inshallah Im in ....I think....Ill need help though...I probably eat wheat and sugar everyday...lots of blogposts and phonecalls to stay on track....

  3. I'll happily join you on the no sugar - no wheat front, but I'm not sure what exercising I'm up for given the fact that my pregnant belly is taking on a life of it's
    otherwise I'm definately in...I've gone wheat free before and i have to echo what you've already said about it....

  4. tempted to say I'm in but need fast results...going home in half term and mum would be terrified when she sees me (she is shallow like that)so doing the atkins time inshallah, good luck ladies, looking forward to the updates

  5. absolutely great. I did stop wheat for 2wks and the result is great. No bloating and surprisely i'm losing weight. Exercise 3 to 5 times a wk and it works wonders. Try ok and insha'allah it works for you as it works for me...

  6. I just found your blog, very inspirational mashaAllah. I'm also on the same mission :) I hope to keep up to speed with your progress, it'll motivate me!

  7. not sure if you do awards or not but I sent you one as I love your blog

  8. Oh my Gosh... you are a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER!!! You had me jumping up and down in my living room, yelling... 'I can DO this!'. I also have 10kg's to lose and know I need to exercise more to up my energy and clear my 'mommy brain'. I will join you on the exercise thing (also pulling a 2 year old off the thingie, LOL) and the wheat thing (I did have to think if Coco-crispies, which I can't live without, was wheat before committing!). Alas, I can't do the sugar thing... but will reduce, OK.
    Yay,,, I feel better already.
    Blessings and magic.
    And, thanks for your post today... you are very kind.

  9. Ok, just checking on the date. Did you mean Monday 25th Jan??? Or Wednesday 27th Jan???

  10. I want to, I really do. To do or not to do... I don't want to feel like I've failed at something... but what is the worse that can happen? I abstain from some sugar for a few days and go back to it? Alhamdulillah at least it is a few days!! I'm In! Yikes! Bismillah! January 27th!

  11. I'm curious about the date as well. I want to do this together!

    By the way, when you say wheat, do you mean wheat period? or just yeast? nafs, nafs!

  12. hi everyone!Sorry I got the dates mixed up....I meant Monday the 25th which is tomorrow.Umm Layth ,I am cutting out all wheat,ie:pasta,bread,biscuits,anything that contains wheat so need to check labels ! Not low carb though! Plenty of good carbs to eat.If you don,t mind wheat free pasta can have that ,I just don,t like the taste.I am so happy so many of us are doing it together,I really didn,t expect to get such a positive response...thankyou.

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