Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A day in pictures

I attempted baking......have you ever seen a cake so thin!

and these coconut macaroons....well I didn't have grease proof paper and they stuck and they are way too sweet!

I won't pass the recipes on...I am a hopeless baker...all the more reason to go sugar free....which I have yet to set a date for!

These arrived in the post today....hoping to make some pretty goodies........

and this is how far I am with my knitting!....getting there slowly....veeeerrry slowly

and I'm drinking nettle tea.....loose ,brewed for 20 mins,covered.....and drunk through a straw to stop my teeth from staining!

Why nettle tea?
  • Nettle tea is a great overall healthy tonic, helping your blood cells build, function and circulates properly
  • Because of its iron content, it helps with anemia.
  • healing benefit of nettle tea is helping the body heal itself of hemorrhoids
  • offers relief from seasonal allergies, strengthens the bones, hair and nails and nurtures the lungs, nervous, hormonal and immune systems

  • Nettles are especially rich in chlorophyll
  • A cup of this rich, green, velvety nettle infusion per day is deeply nourishing for women at any stage of life
The taste is grassy ,so might not appeal to everyone...I like it and I think I need it....
the only problem is I'm the queen of procrastination and inconsistency!

Inconsistency with ourselves is the great weakness of human nature.

-- Joseph Addison


  1. oh its the taste that happy to come over and help you eat the teacup..

  2. you wouldn't believe how many times thats happened to me...and it's true it is the taste that counts..and the love that went into making it...

  3. mmmm, i think i'm going to give the nettle tea a try...btw where do you buy your felt square cause i'm looking for some for a project, do you think it works out cheaper than buying per meter....

  4. i've never tried nettle tea. i'm a chamomile girl. i'll have to give it a shot.

    p.s. thank you so much for visiting me and for taking time to leave thougtful comments.

  5. @home & seeking's the taste that counts,well I suppose the kids liked them!thankyou for the encouragement.

    Ines...I got the felt squares from my sister suggested the site to me,saying it was better quality and easier to work with than the felt she bought by the metre from a shop.

    brightandblithe....thankyou for visiting my blog....your blog is very inspiring!

  6. Yes... I have seen a cake that thin... many, in fact! And they all came from my oven, lol! Glad to see others 'prefer' thin cakes too. My problem, or at least what I blame my baking disasters on, is that all of the markings have rubbed off the dial of my old stove and I never 'really' know what temperature my oven is... I guestimate (and not very well, it seems). Makes it fun as you never know how it's going to turn out. I can see I'm going to enjoy visiting your blog.
    Blessings and magic.

  7. magic onions...thankyou for visiting my blog...and making me feel like I'm not the only one!