Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I was drawn back....

I not quite sure how long it has been or if I even remember how to blog. I have arrived somewhere else and I mean that in all possible ways. I  made  it to North Africa  a mere two months ago.I am not quite at  my destiny but oh so close.Those days I always talked about are in sight and I am ever so grateful even though it's not always as it seems and there  are many struggles and new ways to get used to. So I am  wondering whether to come back to this space ........


  1. Do come back! I'd love to hear all about your new home. I'm moving to North Africa in August in sha Allah and looking forward to a more natural lifestyle, a healthier one and hoping to stay as creative as I can.

  2. yes please start blogging again, can't wait to join you.

  3. Welcome back, we have missed you! I do hope you start blogging again inshaAllah :)