Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Changes are a comin...

Autumns here.....transformations happening everywhere. Since my miscarriage my eating habits have been .....well not nourishing at all. I went back to wheat and sugar and feel all the worse for it. Only about 2 kg have crept back on but I refuse to return to my former self...
Apart from the weight gain issue , I loathe the tiredness,bloating,heavy head.....oh so boring!

So with the change of Autumn ,changes for me are in order. I want to feel good ,I love feeling good.

I have discovered a great site, I am fascinated by it.....It will become my new way of life,and I will share my journey with you.Have a look around , check out the forum.....

I need to to tend to this now......

see what happens when mummies in blog world....yogurt covered toys mmmmmm

Thought for the day....

Change always comes bearing gifts.
~Price Pritchett


  1. wow I checked out the website looks great :) are you doing the 30-day challenge? I'm inspired.. can't wait to see journey

  2. masha''s so good to see you back
    I've missed you....

  3. Where are you? I saw your other post and it was good to hear from you but its gone! I really felt like I could relate to it but didn't get a chance to comment. No I'm here and it's not. But I hope you are well. xxx