Monday, 29 March 2010

The toothpaste dilema....

I am thinking about stopping using toothpaste! I use natural toothpaste most of the time,and actually never thought much about toothpaste apart from the fluoride issue.
But lately I am having some toothy issues....sensitivity,receding gums.I think there are a number of contributors.....acid saliva pH, acidosis....breastfeeding & pregnancies...or maybe mineral deficiencies? All in all more balance is needed and more than likely a green supplement and possibly some tissue salts...but that's for another day.Back to the toothpaste issue...

My father in law doesn't use toothpaste...he is over seventy,never been to a dentists and has all his teeth.He uses salt and miswak {siwak}.
The problem with toothpaste is the glycerine.
Teeth reenamalize when clean. TO MAKE TEETH CLEAN ONE BRUSHES WITH ANY BAR SOAP. Soap washes off in just 2 rinses. What about toothpastes? Glycerine in all tooth pastes is so sticky that it takes 27 washes to get it off. Teeth brushed with any toothpaste are coated with a film and CANNOT PROPERLY REENAMELIZE. Even the natural pastes contain glycerine! read more here
Tooth soap is available to buy....not sure what I am going to go for yet.{make or buy}But the toothpaste is out for now while I experiment.
I am wondering if the salt will be too abrasive on a daily basis. I am definitely going to start using miswak, make sure I rinse after eating and continue oil pulling.
A bit of info on miswak {siwak}.....

  • Purifies the mouth
  • Cleanses the teeth
  • Strengthens the gums
  • Prevents cavities
  • Sweetens the breath
  • Cleanses the brain
  • Creates appetite for food
  • Assists in digestion of food
  • Clears eyesight
  • Provides energy
love to hear your thoughts on toothpaste,tooth soap and miswak....

 Thought  for the day....

Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship.  ~Benjamin Franklin


  1. assalamu alaikum sister

    I miss using the miswak, Jazakallahu khairan for the reminder.

    My toddler and I have been using baking soda for the past two weeks to help clean our teeth. =) We just sprinkle a bit on our toothbrushes, cleans well and mouth feels a lot fresher than when using Tom's of Maine toothpaste.

  2. salaams, when i worked in senegal, the people there have the most amazing teeth, straight, white and clean...and they almost always have a miswak hanging out of their mouth. works for them, and feels so good!

  3. Assalam-alaikam,
    Aren't I pleased I came across your blog!
    I have had the same problem with three kids in a short time and receding gums and sensitivity which freaked me out a little as the dentist made it seem like I would lose my teeth any day now!

    I have been oil pulling for a year and haven't noticed much difference with my teeth, but definitely with colds/runny noses/phlegm and also in my skin.

    I had no idea about the ill-effects of toothpaste, so will be experimenting with baking soda as an alternative. Was also planning to start using miswak daily although have always struggled a bit due to texture and storing it properly. I definitely think Shannon has the right idea though

  4. Assalamu'alaykum sister,

    Masha'Allah on your father in-laws teeth. I also know someone masha'Allah who is also an avid miswaak user as well, and has the whitest and STRONG teeth. Hardly goes to a dentist masha'Allah.

    That is really interesting about the glycerine, I've always felt I had a film on my teeth but didn't know why, as I brush as much as possible. Now I know.

    The comment about the baking soda, I agree and when me and my family uses it masha'Allah, you notice a difference in the whiteness after the first brushing, also doesn't have that coated feeling either. The baking soda is pretty abrasive so I can understand why it cleans so well, masha'Allah.

    As for people in developing countries and their white teeth, yes, I think miswak can be one factor. But, also masha'Allah they have healthy lifestyles and diets as well, Allahu alim.

    Oh yes about the baking soda and I have it on hand we will use it and regular toothpaste together. I just like regular toothpaste because of the freshness of the taste and smell of your breath afterwards.

    My dentist though recommended to me one time to use lemon juice and salt to whiten teeth. I've not tried either honestly or did once, twice and quit.

    I'm worried about the lemon juice, there are conflicting views about it and how it affects the coating of the teeth. Although I have no doubt with it's affectiveness of being a whitening agent.

    Thanks Jizak'Allahu Khairan for all of the info.

    Kind regards,

    Umm AbdulRahman

  5. Asalaamu alaikum,
    I am a new visitor here... I really love that you shared your Father in law's use of miswak. That is cool! A success story. Every year I go into a tizzy over ingredients, then get lazy and cheap. But man, the ingredients in regular toothpaste are gross, especially if you think about your kids swallowing it. Do you want those ingredients in your mouth!?
    I love baking soda, I have yet to buy some peppermint oil to try and make it taste better, but I think it makes it very clean. I know Weleda makes a salt toothpaste, but it's super expensive. Another favorite, and cheap teeth cleaner, is to rinse with hydrogen peroxide, I use full strength. It's pretty fun to watch it fizz. Id like to get into the habit of miswak, inshallah, if I can find a good source of fresh ones. I wonder if there are any native plants in the U.S. that are similar?

  6. I am going through the same experiment... excited to hear about miswak as something to try. Oil pulling has been an absolute miracle for us - both for my cold sensitivity (gone after YEARS of discomfort) and my daughter's enamel wear and cavities. Here is our story (so far):

    I'm now trying to experiment with toothpaste recipes - I'll let you know what success we have with that...

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. As salamu alaykum,

    Weleda has great toothpaste! But, as an other sister already mentioned, it is expensive. I have tried the salty one in the past and that worked very well. Can be a bit painful if you have bleeding gums. I am now using regular Sensodine toothpaste.

    Wa salamu alaykum,

  8. Nobody isn't a fan of baking soda. Everyone grew up with it; everyone knew it even before the colonization of TV and radio commercials. My trusted dentist in Orthodontics, (Knoxville) reminded me of this, that the basic are still the best, but new products contains the same naturals elements a baking soda has. And for my kid, my Knoxville pediatric dentist knows best. Thanks for the post. I had smiles.

  9. Toothpaste? Tooth-soap? Salt? Baking soda? Most of us are also in a dilemma over what teeth cleaner we should use on our teeth. It should be taken as a point that every person's teeth varies, thus the products' effectiveness varies, too. To avoid confusing hearsays for truth, it is good to consult your dentist of these concerns. I bet she can help a lot. :)

  10. Once you know how to use Miswak, you should brush with Miswak every day.

    Happy Independence Day

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