Thursday, 13 May 2010

Wash wednesday photo challenge....

A few posts ago...I spoke of my love of hanging washing on the line in the sunshine...seems I am not the only one with this simple love.....cute post over at GardenMama 
GardenMama is also having a wash wednesday photo challenge for the month of May.....

seems i'm a day late.....
are you going to join next weeks?


  1. hmmm, makes me wanna go out and set up a clothes line in my back yard. I always enjoyed helping to hang clothes as a child, and then run in and out between the shirts and pants.

  2. Oh, your photo is absolutely gorgeous!!
    I am so glad you shared this, I am looking forward to next week too! : ) Warmest wishes, Nicole

  3. assalamu alaikum, lovely! I want to join too.. but we're forbidden by our landloard to have a clothesline on our apartment balcony :(... would a drying rack picture count? :) Ps- I received the tea thank you soo much!